Delicious Beer

Why does the beer sell so well at UAL? Maybe it's because we offer our customers such a great variety - dozens of national brands and over a hundred different microbrews - that no one can visit without finding something they want. Or maybe it's because our beer prices are so low that no one can pass them up. Personally, I think it's because beer tastes so good. Especially ours.

UAL's Best-In-Town Beer

Yeah, we said it. Here's the deal:

    • Changing blow-out specials. 6pks as cheap as $2.50, some cases for 8 bucks!
    • Huge 18-door cooler. Because who wants to wait for beer to chill? Crack that!
    • Wisco beers aplenty. One thing we love more than our fine state: drinking it.
    • UAL's Sixer Mixer. Pick your favorite six beers, hand us just $8.50. Can't lose!
  • Still not convinced? We will order anything for a customer on a case purchase, and sincerely consider any inventory recommendation for our hallowed shelves.

    What more do you need? Close your browser and get in here already!